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What is the Toolbar?
Will the toolbar install spyware, adware or malware on my computer?
What operating systems and browsers is the Toolbar compatible with?
Do I have to pay to download and use the toolbar?
Will I still be able to receive the same quality search results that I do with my current search engine?
I already have a different companies' toolbar, but I'd like to install this one too, can I have both?
I have a question about downloading/installing the toolbar?
After using the Toolbar, I realize it is vastly superior to my previous toolbars, how do I get rid of them?
It won't let me install the toolbar!
I installed the Toolbar for Internet Explorer, but I still do not see it. What should I do?
I installed the Toolbar for Firefox, but I still do not see it. What do I do?
How can I move the Toolbar to a different location?
How do I search the internet?
Some (or all) of the radio stations won't play.
I am hearing two radio stations playing at the same time.
Sometimes when I click on the RSS reader, I see "Subscribe" on the very bottom. What does this mean?
What is the Toolbar's privacy policy?
What is the Toolbar's communication policy?
My question is not here. How can I find the answer?
I don’t see my toolbar in Internet Explorer!

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